carrd font reference 1 (damn you carrd for not letting me add more, link to 2 at the bottom)

default DEFAULT

abril fatface ABRIL FATFACE

aguafina script AGUAFINA SCRIPT

alegreya ALEGREYA

alegreya sans ALEGREYA SANS

aleo ALEO

alfa slab one ALFA SLAB ONE

allerta stencil ALLERTA STENCIL

amiri AMIRI

anton ANTON

arial ARIAL

alef ALEF

amatic sc AMATIC SC

anonymous pro ANONYMOUS PRO

archivo ARCHIVO

aref ruqaa AREF RUQAA

arimo ARIMO

arvo ARVO

asap ASAP

assistant ASSISTANT

audiowide AUDIOWIDE

averia serif libre AVERIA SERIF LIBRE

averia sans libre AVERIA SANS LIBRE

b612 mono B612 MONO

baloo BALOO

barlow BARLOW

bebas neue BEBAS NEUE

bentham BENTHAM

big shoulders display BIG SHOULDERS DISPLAY

big shoulders text BIG SHOULDERS TEXT

bitter BITTER

bungee BUNGEE

cabin CABIN

cairo CAIRO

cardo CARDO

changa CHANGA

changa one CHANGA ONE

chivo CHIVO

comfartaa COMFARTAA

courier new COURIER NEW

crimson text CRIMSON TEXT

dancing script DANCING SCRIPT

dosis DOSIS

droid sans DROID SANS

droid serif DROID SERIF

eater EATER

eb garamond EB GARAMOND

el messiri EL MESSIRI

encode sans ENCODE SANS

encode sans condensed ENCODE SANS CONDENSED

encode sans expanded ENCODE SANS EXPANDED

exo EXO

exo 2 EXO 2

fira mono FIRA MONO

fira sans FIRA SANS

fira sans condensed FIRA SANS CONDENSED

fira sans extra condensed FIRA SANS EXTRA CONDENSED

fredoka one FREDOKA ONE

gaegu GAEGU

gamja flower GAMJA FLOWER

gelasio GELASIO

geo GEO

georgia GEORGIA

gloria hallelujah GLORIA HALLELUJAH

gothic a1 GOTHIC A1

graduate GRADUATE

great vibes GREAT VIBES

heebo HEEBO

hepta slab HEPTA SLAB

hind HIND

homemade apple HOMEMADE APPLE

ibarra real nova IBARRA REAL NOVA

ibm plex mono IBM PLEX MONO

ibm plex sans IBM PLEX SANS

ibm plex sans condensed IBM PLEX SANS CONDENSED

ibm plex serif IBM PLEX SERIF

inconsolata INCONSALATA

indie flower INDIE FLOWER

inria serif INRIA SERIF

inter INTER

josefin sans JOSEFIN SANS

karla KARLA

kaushan script KAUSHAN SCRIPT

koho KOHO

kosugi KOSUGI

kosugi maru KOSUGI MARU

kulim park KULIM PARK

lato LATO

lemonada LEMONADA

lexend giga LEXEND GIGA

libre baskerville LIBRE BASKERVILLE

libre franklin LIBRE FRANKLIN

lobster LOBSTER

lobster two LOBSTER TWO

lora LORA

luckiest guy LUCKIEST GUY

m plus rounded 1c M PLUS ROUNDED 1C

m plus 1p M PLUS 1P

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